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When a hard-working, prideful married man allows his boss to dictate to him, he loses his job and must overcome his responsible, paranoid wife in order to secure their family’s financial security.


A nonbiographical story chronicling the two weeks proceeding the 1968 Winter Olympics. Depicts the real-life characters of Spider Sabich, Billy Kidd, Jean-Claude Killy, Tony Sailor, and Claudine Longet amidst the politics, sex and money surrounding the glam scene of downhill racing. Focuses on the downhill race at Kitzbuhel, Austria.


A street gang is wreaking terror on a helpless city and it’s up to a vengeful vigilante who seeks justice for her murdered mother.


Vivian hires a mercenary to kill her husband—but when his secret, violent past helps him survive, she and her lover become the hunted as a storm traps them on an island.

The Legacy

A modern-day swordsman infiltrates a Japanese-English university to uncover the plans of a dangerous demon and stop them with the help of a number of colorful allies.

Western Legends: Rise Of The Dark Raiders

Strange things are going on in the Old West. When three treasure hunters search for a lost fortune, they find more than just gold as they accidentally unleash Bloody Bill and his wicked posse from an old hex, which was placed on them twelve years ago. Now, Bloody Bill and his Dark Raiders go on a quest to retrieve a secret scroll and seek revenge on a retired General, who is now the President of the United States.

Untitled 9

Logline: A slave kills a white man in self defense and, with three others, is forced to fight his way north to freedom.

Untitled 5

Logline: A female writer doing a magazine article on the hunting season uncovers a sabertooth tiger stalking human prey.


18 is an epic action thriller produced by The Screenplay Writers ( Presently at pre-production stage. Adapted from a bestseller novel, this is a unique epic action thriller spanning two countries and 4,500 years, with unthinkable twists and turns. We welcome co-producers for this project. Please write to to know more and be involved in this epical...

Working Title: Terminal Call

A Nazi skeleton floats up from the depths of Lake Ronkonkoma, and becomes the key in the unmasking of a sinister plan of world domination that began more than 70 years ago; a plan spanning several continents, so evil that the resources of the world would be in jeopardy; a scheme that could gain access to high value software created for the benefit of the world’s economy, but instead would be used for its destruction.

Working Title: Six hours

Logline: A shy,soft-spoken and unemployed youth becomes the only hope of life for a group of shoppers at a mall taken hostage by hardcore terrorists who will not hesitate to blow up the complex if there demands are not met in six hours.