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The Inventor and His Wife

Every time Dick smokes weed he comes up with an invention he thinks will make him billions. His wife Rose don’t think so, until he remembers a compound that will make anyone grow a huge dick.

Vampire Robot Zombies of the Third Reich”

After Nazis unleash their secret robotic weapons on a small Pennsylvania town in 1940, Lieutenant Steve MaKracken is called to arms to defend the town folk against the Vampire and Zombie infected machines.

Dreams and reality

A modest woman starts to suffer from the nightmares, where an armed man forces her to rob a bank, but the real problem begins when people from the dream start appearing in her real life.

House Trained

A young girl suffering from severe asthma will be forced to give up her pet dog by her parents if he’s not house trained by the end of the week. But when her parents get stuck at the other end of the city after their car breaks down, this unwanted dog will be the only thing standing in the way of a couple of burglars and the family funds that were going to pay for a once in a lifetime holiday for their asthma suffering daughter.


An eccentric grandma decides to help her grandson’s ambitions of making a movie and must find a way to get around major pitfalls like no funding or distribution.

The New Adventure Of Gaman Suksomboon

A naïve college student, named David, is sent an angel to teach him how to stop being a door mat and fight his Goliath’s with wisdom.


A frustrated teen must genuinely fall in love before her comatose father can be released from experiencing her sexual fantasies but she has to make some dramatic changes before she can attract the right guy.


A jaded, over-imaginative advertising executive enters a comical hell of his own design after he mistakes his defibrillator alarm for a burger beeper in a tacky, Christian themed burger chain. Finding himself trapped in “Burger Hell”, He must face the most extraordinary devil of all-himself.

Paradise Point

A remake of Greta Garbo’s Grand Hotel, this time set in a haunted guest house in South Beach.


A jaded advertising executive enters a hell of his own imagining when he mistakes his defibrillator alarm for a burger beeper. Will he find redemption?