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Logline: A newly appointed inspector of small town begins a process of weeding out corrupt detectives from his force as a gang war explodes in a small Pennsylvania rust belt town.One such dirty cop, a mafia cop, takes matters into his own hands and starts a war with the inspector, going on a wild ride with his fellow cop and a hostage,a pretty Italian waitress who they use as a shield while gang war goes on in the town. Also after the cop are the two brothers who run the local outfit, who the inspector is really out to ensnare and trap and put away.

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Logline: A successful, middle-aged black man content with his life in his suburban neighborhood pays for his violent ways as a teenager when someone is out to get him.

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Logline: A lonely teenage girl discovers a young woman held captive by a demented recluse and must find a way to escape for both of them.

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Logline: A widowed store detective hires a Vietnamese girl who helps him unravel an insidious plot to rob the store’s jewels.

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Logline: The claim that a legendary lake beast caused a fatal boat crash leads to the discovery of a dangerous smuggling ring using a private submarine.

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Logline: The daring attempt to rescue a little girl from a serial child killer becomes dangerous for everyone involved.

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Logline: Two writers researching ghost stories find themselves the target of a backwoods band of murderous thieves.

Working Title: Locksmith

A locksmith who, after he has made keys for customers which were used in murder-incidents, wants to stop the killings by finding out where the last made keys have access to. Little does he know that the last keys made by him have access to the White House and he is after a terrorist who is out there with the purpose of killing the President of USA and his family in the white house.