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18 is an epic action thriller produced by The Screenplay Writers ( Presently at pre-production stage. Adapted from a bestseller novel, this is a unique epic action thriller spanning two countries and 4,500 years, with unthinkable twists and turns. We welcome co-producers for this project. Please write to to know more and be involved in this epical...

Working Title: The Rajkumari, Prostitute, Princess

Logline: The Rajkumari, Prostitute, Princess is an emotional drama about the life of a young Punjabi athlete, Jaspreet Kaur, who faces many severe trials in life. A string of misfortunes like losing her athletic career to an accident, getting sucked into a prostitution racket in a foreign country unknowingly; finding and then losing true love, all cloud her life one after the other. But finally it is this love that shows her a way out of these tribulations.

Working Title: 25 Minutes

Click here to read detailed story outline Logline: Set in the year 2014, the series of horrific incidents of 25 minutes are shown from the viewpoint of 5 different persons who are not related to each other but are present in the same place at the same time: a snack bar counter owner, whose tiny shop overlooks the Prime Minister’s office, a bio-genetic scientist, whose genetic research with human beings has raised eyebrows and resulted in the Prime Minister summoning him to his office to stop research, a sting operation journalist who wants to bring the deadly genetic research to limelight, the security head of the Prime Minister, and a mystery 5th person, who is an attractive lady. Hell breaks loose as the Prime Minister is shot at, with deep mystery surrounding the incident, the method used and the person behind it; the Prime Minister’s office being virtually the most secured place on earth… bringing to limelight the mystery 5th person’s identity, who is the world’s first ‘superfast human’; who moves 100 times the speed of a normal human… a result of the genetic experiment gone out of control. An unique low budget science fiction...

Working Title: Locksmith

A locksmith who, after he has made keys for customers which were used in murder-incidents, wants to stop the killings by finding out where the last made keys have access to. Little does he know that the last keys made by him have access to the White House and he is after a terrorist who is out there with the purpose of killing the President of USA and his family in the white house.

Working Title: The First Flight

Logline: A young, talented loser, who breaks up with his career-oriented girl-friend, finds himself out of place in the glamor world of aviation, while trying to prove himself; discovers office politics, a stern boss and a passing affair with a cabin crew making life challenging; but emerges as a winner in his career and love life, as he solves a series of crisis that almost crippled their aviation company even before the first flight.