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The Moons Are Out! The macabre and bizarre adventure of twin albino Bounty Hunters, Hadley and Bradley Moon, who stalk the shadowy, mean streets of the city in search of a fiend with a dark heart and a darker soul: Quint the Headhunter. (Based upon Published Graphic Novel).

Monkey Magic

Second installation of the Sloan horror trilogy. Reveals the back-story of a married couple of serial killers and their proclivities. Stresses psychological thrills with a suggested supernatural link over simple gore. Simple sets and locations with very little CGE, suitable for an independent film production. Horror.

Severed Connection

First chapter in a horror trilogy chronicling the murderous Sloan family. A young man and an attractive woman wake up in a sewer, having been drugged. As they attempt to escape, the unsettling truth of their abduction evolves. Simple sets, suitable for a low budget or independent production; could be entirely shot in and around a farm with a large barn. Horror.


A young genius killed in a high school prank gone wrong seeks revenge on those that caused his death by reaching out from the grave through the one item no teenager can live without, their cell phones.


An action packed story that follows a man who cannot forgive the past and will use the man he blames for his physical and psychological scars as the bait to catch a psychotic machete killer.

House of Ether

A struggling psychologist is tasked with saving a troubled youth from the pressures of his family life and his own demise.


Logline: While parked in a rural area, a young man and a prostitute are startled by a radio report announcing that a murderer just escaped from the local mental institution.

Easy Way Street

Logline: Out in the woods, drunk revelers are stalked by the ghost of a dead young girl.

The Perils Of Sexting

Logline: A compulsive young man exchanges sext messages with a girl and later is sent photos of her murdered body from her phone.

Black Garbage Bag

Logline: Two potheads make a startling discovery after opening a roadside garbage bag they mistakenly think has marijuana in it.

The Friendly Family

Logline: A teenage girl moves back to the town where her notorious parents went on a killing spree twelve years ago. Soon, several of her classmates start turning up dead, leading her to suspect that her father has come back looking for her.

Haunted Starship: Ghosts of the Alien Beings

Logline: After a malfunction of on a ship’s engines, a research crew is forced to evacuate to an unknown, apparently empty alien ship, which becomes haunted with ghosts of a previous alien crew.

Untitled 13

Logline: Teenage campers find themselves trapped in the home of a cannibalistic madman.

The Woods of Sleepy Hollow

Click here to read detailed story outline The 18th century small town of Sleepy Hollow was haunted by a headless horseman after sundown; by a phantom knight who chopped off the head of people he met on the way, during his run through the town. The cursed tree where he lived was cut and made into an effigy of a horseman. Marcos, the present day antique dealer purchases the effigy and reaches New York, where strange things start happening in his hotel room. Is the effigy cursed? Marcos comes to know of strange facts related to the effigy from Sam, a bell boy of the hotel. Together they have a plan to beat the curse. What awaits them next? A thrilling low budget horror movie...

The Puppet

Jamie Adams has a perfect life. His career is on the rise with each passing day and he is being seen as the next Warren Buffet. He’s got a house in the suburbia where a beautiful and loving wife waits for him every evening and a son who adores him. It seems that luck is always on his side. Then, Jamie’s luck begins to change for worse. His speculations start to go bad. Even the safest looking deals get nothing but loss. Most of his clients still trust him but they are more cautious now. Some start to shift business to other places. Jamie is out of ideas. He just can’t find any reason for his run of bad lucks. He tries harder to get out of the situation but the harder Jamie tries, the deeper he gets into problems. With his career in jeopardy, the last thing Jamie wants is trouble in his personal life. But it arrives, in form of Melinda Hawthorne. Melinda is a close friend of Aria and lives in L.A. Married to the alcoholic, drug addict and unsuccessful painter Ray Hawthorne, Melinda’s job in an accountancy firm sometimes brings her to Jamie’s office. He always treated her as a friend but once, after a long and winding business meeting and an evening filled with too many drinks, they ended up in bed. That was a long time back and since then, Jamie avoids Melinda to his best. Just a week before Jamie and Aria’s wedding anniversary, Melinda calls. Unknown to Jamie, Aria invites her to stay with them for a while. Melinda gladly accepts. Then she calls Jamie and tells him she is going to stay in her house for a while and she is looking forward to re-ignite the old fire. She says that she couldn’t wait to have Jamie in her arms, especially on the night of his anniversary. When he protests, she threatens to reveal their secret to Aria. As he hangs up the phone, Jamie could see his perfect world crumbling around him. A day before her marriage anniversary, Aria receives a parcel. It is addressed to Jamie so she keeps it unopened. Then Melinda arrives with Ray. Aria is glad to have her friend but she also notices that Jamie is tense and not talking much. She attributes it to his recent professional setbacks. She asks Jamie about the parcel. He says that it is a gift for the anniversary. At night, they open the pack. Out comes a doll- a six inch figurine of a woman wearing a black cloak, her face almost hidden. When Aria pulls the cloak, she sees that the doll has hair made up of many small serpents and a hauntingly beautiful face with deep, dark and mesmerizing eyes. Jamie says that the doll is supposed to bring good luck and even though Aria doesn’t like the doll much, she agrees to put it in the living room. The next day is their anniversary and early in the morning, Jamie gets a call from one of his clients. A speculation made by him on Jamie’s advice has hit the jackpot. This changes Jamie’s mood and cheers him up. Aria is happy to see the change and they all have a good day. Late at night, Jamie hears a knock on his door. Aria is deep in sleep and when he opens the door, he finds Melinda standing there. She says that she wants to talk and they should go to the living room. When Jamie argues that Aria may wake up, Melinda says that she had mixed sleeping drug in Aria’s drink as well...

Real Unreal

Dr. James Harris finds it odd to get a letter from his long lost brother Greg. Greg ran away from their small town to seek a more exciting and adventurous life when Dr. Harris was just ten. Now, after 37 years, Greg writes that he is in Spain, married, has a son and lives in an enormous villa. He has invited Dr. Harris and his family for a vacation. While Dr. Harris and his wife, Susan, are skeptical about the identity of the writer, their kids are excited with this recent development. Young Toby thinks that this Uncle Greg has had many thrilling adventures, must be a millionaire and now lives like a king. His elder sister, Natalie is now almost sixteen and she thinks that this Greg guy is an imposter. He is trying to con them for money and must be exposed. Both however are eager to go on this ‘vacation’. After Dr. Harris verifies that the writer is really his brother, he decides to go to Spain with the family. But at the last moment, something urgent comes up and Susan, along with the children, leaves. Dr. Harris promise to join them later. They arrive at Uncle Greg’s villa and find it overwhelming. Located in a remote village, the villa by the lake is more like a castle. And Uncle Greg is all fun and humor while her beautiful young wife, Annabel, is extremely caring and overjoyed to see the family. Cousin Ricardo (Rick) is of Toby’s age but very shy and quiet. But something is missing, and Toby and Natalie feel it after a couple of days. The food looks tasty but it doesn’t appease the hunger. The sparkling water and fresh fruit juice doesn’t quench the thirst. Neither Greg nor Annabel goes to the town for shopping but the kitchen is always full; in fact, everything is available in an instant, as if produced by magic. Then there is Rick. The boy looks like a shadow. He speaks in riddles and he speaks very little, hardly comes out of his room and doesn’t go to school because of his bad health. Natalie and Toby feel like the boy is in a trance. Toby thinks that Rick wants to say something to him but never speaks his mind openly. And then they find the crypt. It is a dark, smelly underground place across the lake. Annabel tells them that it was once a grave of Spanish warriors. Now, rats, bats and poisonous snakes live in there. She forbids the kids to enter the place. The gate of the crypt is locked anyway and nobody has the key. But when Natalie notices someone walking to the crypt in the dead of the night, she decides to investigate. Accompanied by her reluctant younger brother, she uncovers a terrifying truth – whatever they see around them is a façade. Nothing is real – the villa, the furniture, the food – not even their cousin Rick. They also find the grave of one lady Annabel who died two hundred years ago. As they get closer to the truth, an unknown evil forces them deeper into a horrible nightmare which they can’t escape. The evil that controls the villa and its residents want Toby, Natalie and their mother to stay there, forever. And it is waiting for Dr. Harris. The children must destroy this evil and escape with their mother and Uncle Greg before it is too...