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Tim and Erin’s relationship lacks the romance Erin yearns for, until an unexpected set of events transforms Tim into the romantic hero.

Working Title: The Rajkumari, Prostitute, Princess

Logline: The Rajkumari, Prostitute, Princess is an emotional drama about the life of a young Punjabi athlete, Jaspreet Kaur, who faces many severe trials in life. A string of misfortunes like losing her athletic career to an accident, getting sucked into a prostitution racket in a foreign country unknowingly; finding and then losing true love, all cloud her life one after the other. But finally it is this love that shows her a way out of these tribulations.

Working Title: Rainstorm

Logline The heartbreaking story of childhood sweethearts from the slums of Mumbai whose upbringing in a Catholic orphanage sets them on divergent paths that will tear them apart. Story summary Mumbai, India, 1945. Best friends KRISHNA (6) and RANI (6) scavenge the slum rubbish heaps for cola bottles they can sell. It’s a carefree, playful existence for these two childhood friends as everyone celebrates the Hindu festival of Holi, a vibrant spectacle of colour. But everything is about to change. A deadly wave of Tuberculosis sweeps through their family’s make-shift dwellings killing Krishna’s father RAM. Kirshna’s mother VIDYA knows that she is not far behind. Desperate to ensure that her son is taken care of and educated, Vidya arranges for Krishna and Rani to be taken to the nearby Catholic Orphanage. Reluctant to leave his mother but reassured by her promises to visit, Krishna and Rani obey and are taken in by the Nuns at the Orphanage. Unbeknownst to Krishna, Vidya returns home, sets fire to her home and hangs herself as the flames take hold. Krishna and Rani enter the alien world of the strict Catholic Orphanage and are immediately forced to convert from Hinduism to Catholicism. They are baptized and given the new names of CHRISTOPHER and SUSAN. The Nuns are tough, SISTER FABIAN and SISTER JOSEPHINE in particular, running the orphanage with chastisement and hard work. Only the kindly SISTER MARY really shows them any compassion as they struggle to adapt to this harsh new way of life. Susan (Rani) is grateful for the warmth, shelter, education and good food. Naturally obedient she quickly resigns herself to life in the orphanage. By contrast Chris (Krishna) is angry and resentful. He enjoys the PRIESTS teaching him football and boxing but it does little to counter the hatred he feels at his treatment at the hands of the Nuns. Slowly the childhood friendship between Chris and Susan becomes a first love and a sexual awakening. Chris and Susan try to steal moments together but for the most part the boys and girls are segregated. Now aged 16 Chris is falling in love with Susan and the feeling is clearly mutual. Chris and Susan take leading roles in the Easter procession through the streets of the nearby shanty village, with Chris carrying the cross. The physical exertion in the stifling heat finally beats Chris who falls to the ground, dropping the cross. Limping and unable to carry on he is given permission to return to the Orphanage to be cared for by Susan. Finally alone together Chris admits to Susan that he has faked the limp. Chris and Susan vow to be together and finally give in to their desire for one another. Whatever Chris’s dreams of his future, it is made clear to him that the Orphanage has other ideas. Soon he will be sent to Ireland to attend University and will then return to Mumbai to practice as a Priest. Chris is horrified and finally tells the Priest that he wants to leave the Orphanage and return to his mother. It is only now that he is told the truth; that his mother has long since passed away. Chris can’t bear the thought of having his life mapped out like this and tries desperately to persuade Susan to elope with him. Why can’t they run away together to a big city where he can get a job and she can work as a nurse? But Susan doesn’t have Chris’s desire to leave. Why would she give up a life of comfort, warmth and safety and risk ending up in the slums again? Chris realises that Susan may...

Women’s Perfect Superhero

A hilarious romantic comedy about a simple, introvert window cleaner who is barely able to impress anyone, discovering strange housecleaning superpowers in him after an accident. His powers of cleaning up any household at lightning speed is secretly filmed and posted on YouTube; making him the most eligible and sought after bachelor whom every girl wants to marry; leaving his own relationship with the woman he loves, strained and troubled. How can he get rid of his embarrassments and get back the woman he loves?

Working Title: The First Flight

Logline: A young, talented loser, who breaks up with his career-oriented girl-friend, finds himself out of place in the glamor world of aviation, while trying to prove himself; discovers office politics, a stern boss and a passing affair with a cabin crew making life challenging; but emerges as a winner in his career and love life, as he solves a series of crisis that almost crippled their aviation company even before the first flight.