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Spirit of a Champion (animated or live action feature film)

Logline: A heart touching family entertainer about two horses from different mothers that were brought up by the same mother horse, getting separated by fate, a daughter who looked after the horses getting separated from her loser father, to meet on the same racing track years later to compete each other, after several adventures. One autumn morning Joanne and Tom Roberts goes camping to the highlands with their ten year old daughter Emma and their prized stallion Shining Star and the broodmare Emprize. The two horses are loaded in the van trailer and brought to the campsite. They set up their tents and then set out discovering the wilderness riding the horses; Emma sharing Shining Star with her father. Coming to a narrow mountain ledge, Joanne does not want to tread upon it, but Tom, high on adrenalin, takes it as a challenge. More like her father than her mother, Emma wants to have the thrill too. Joanne vehemently objects but her protests notwithstanding Tom begins negotiating the ledge astride Shining Star with Emma in pillion clutching tightly her father’s waist. Halfway up the ledge, Shining Star slips. Lucky for Emma, she releases herself before the horse goes tumbling down. Falling on the ledge she barely manages to hold on to a rock. Tom and Shining Star are not so fortunate. Thrown off the horse, Tom tumbles down the slope and collides onto a rock. Shining Star goes further down into the ravine. Joanne retrieves Emma who is not hurt except for minor scratches. Her husband and the horse are beyond her reach; she calls 911. A helicopter arrives on scene and retrieves Tom and Shining Star. John is fortunately alive, though badly hurt and unconscious. Shining Star is dead. After Tom is sent to the hospital, Joanne and Emma bury Shining Star. Shining Star was like her son; Joanne was heartbroken and no longer the woman she was before. Emma is no longer the lively girl she was before. Emprize, an ardent admirer of Shining Star who had been bred with the stallion only days before the fatal accident, is heartbroken too. Tom recovers after several major operations. Returning home, he is looked after by his wife and daughter. Riddled with guilt and grief he cannot deal with his new situation. With Shining Star – the champion stallion winning a number of races – gone, the main source of revenue is gone too; the family is now in a financial crisis. Joanne has gone grim and quiet, she barely speaks. Unable to cope with the trauma Tom takes to drinking. Joanne loses her cool one day and blasts her husband. Tom leaves home that night, leaving a note. When asked by her daughter when he will come back, Joanne says stoically he won’t and tells her daughter to deal with it. In order to improve things Joanne adds a mare Noble Flirt to the stable. At first Emprize is reluctant, but then befriends Nobel Flirt. Nobel Flirt helps Emprize to get over her grief and the two helps Emma get over her trauma. Joanne wants her daughter to concentrate more on her studies but her disapproval notwithstanding, Emma gets closer to the horses and develops a great bond with them. Nobel Flirt was a race horse and unbeknown to her mother Emma begins riding her. (All this happens within a couple of months/three months of the accident). Nobel Flirt is bred with E.L. Titan. Emprize gives birth to a filly who is named Elena. A couple of months later, Nobel Flirt gives birth to a colt. She dies soon after giving birth, telling her friend to look after...

The Law of the West

An aging broken down Sheriff refuses to resort to violence to stop outlaws . After his younger trigger happy deputy’s fiancé is kidnapped by an old nemesis, the two must ride off together in pursuit through the treacherous mountain landscape. It’s a treat for classic western fans with twists, turns, and a daring female antagonist.

House of Ether

A struggling psychologist is tasked with saving a troubled youth from the pressures of his family life and his own demise.

Chechnya Mist

Guided by British Intelligence, a CIA and GRU team investigates the disappearance of a deadly virus and foil a plot by a revenge driven Russian General to infect Moscow killing millions.

Exchange Of Power

The leader of a DEA team implements a complicated and extremely dangerous drug enforcement agencies strategy with personal vendetta. Aback-and-forth exchange of power leads to the demise of two drug cartels.

Broke In English

A stand-up comedian’s world is irrevocably turned upside down when his famous Hollywood producer girlfriend kicks him out after a ten year relationship.


Caught between hostile White and Indian worlds in a perilous West and Europe, a man seeks justice and love while a twist — a timeless message — emerges along the way.


A secret corporation has been stealing genetically gifted children for an unknown purpose. Twelve year old Jake Strickland is about to become the next. Captured by mysterious protectors, he is taken to a strange island: a hiding place for the chosen children.

City of Sirens

Jack Shields just joined the craziest band in Vegas. His bandmates are unhinged lunatics, unwanted by everyone… except the police.


A young, ambitious musician attempts to trigger a repressed memory in hopes of finding a missing girl

Mind Blowing Decisions

Tammi Terrell – one of Motown Records shining stars who sang with Marvin Gaye and created iconic hit records which stand the test of time. But behind the scenes, her life was spiraling out of control. Will she find true peace before tragedy strikes?

The Decline

After suffering a loss, a fragmented wife ventures to see a psychiatrist who is determined to uncover an adulterous husband and a stalker who will stop at nothing to see her languish.


The story of a young skunk who wishes to know more than is necessary to remain inside the field where he lives with all the other skunks. (He is an outcast – a wanderer – a dreamer). All the other skunks are black with white stripes – he is white with a black stripe. He sets out upon a great adventure to learn all about the outside world. He comes to know friendship, loss and love. He also comes to learn about himself. A story for the ages – a tale for all ages. (Where Watership Down meets The Little Prince).

A Furious Thirst to Quench

In an America fifty years without drinkable water, a young scientist liberates herself from rape-slavery to stop her ex-partner’s business of converting humans into water and food.

Rise of the Natives

A female college student goes on a weekend hiking trip with some friends, finding her self fighting her way through the wilderness against Mother Nature and an immortal tribe of Indians seeking revenge for the slaughtering of their people. Her only escape is to cross the boundary on the other side of the forest or die.

“Number Nine”

In 1972, a group of young people obsess over Beatles album cover and song clues hinting that Paul McCartney died in 1966, only to be replaced by a lookalike. It’s all in fun….until two of their group mysteriously disappear.

The Maple Street Militia

Four plucky senior citizens survive Hurricane Katrina, flooding and looters.


A hit man uses his skills to help a brother and sister whose mother holds a dark secret from her days as a Sudanese refugee in Darfur. A secret that could tear her family apart and expose a respected community leader as a war criminal wanted for genocide by the International Criminal Court. Every city has wastelands. Every city has wasteland refugees. And every wasteland has predators.


A fictional Arizona town, thirty miles east of Phoenix, is owned, run and terrorized by a ruthless Kingpin and his hordes of thugs where the wife of a Tae-kwon-do instructor is being held against her will and forced to fight in underground cage matches with other female fighters, and her husband, his assistant and some former US Army soldiers must get her out.


An elderly man escapes his controlling daughter and achieves his dream when he marries another man he meets in a retirement home.

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