Pinaki Ghosh

Screenplay writing rate range: $2,500 – $3,500

[Rs 150,000 for screenplay + dialogue combo]

Names of the film screenplays Pinaki is writing; have written, co-written (with other writers) or rewritten:


  • Fatal Illusion / Deceit (Horror/Thriler)   
  • Locksmith (Action/Mystery/Thriller)
  • Pacman – The People’s Champ (Drama)
  • The End Game (War movie/Action)
  • The Willow (Horror/Mystery)
  • Untitled superhero movie (Action/Comedy)
  • Lethal Retribution (iPhone Game Script)
  • Ife’s Gift (drama) movie about Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Sin Sister (Bengali full length feature film)  
  • Captain India (animated superhero movie/Action/Comedy)
  • Kick it Like Ronaldo (animated sport movie).
  • Altappa Milky Milky 104 episode animated series around a 3 year old cute child)
  • Abrakadabra – Short animated film
  • Ghanshyam (5D short film for entertainment parks)
  • Ultima Force – animated American action series. USA.
  • Zeazoo and Land of Boo (animated full length movie
  • BigHeds (animated feature film)
  • Bo Mamo (3D animated full length movie with major star cast)
  • Terminal Call (Suspense/Mystery)
  • The Willow (Horror/Mystery)
  • Abrakadabra (short animated film/comedy)
  • Land of Mercy (full length screenplay) (supervised)
  • Credit Card (full length screenplay improvement) (supervised)
  • Six Hours (TV episode) (supervised)
  • Girl and Aisa (full length screenplay) (supervised)
  • The Eye Collector (full length horror screenplay) (supervised)
  • The Cat (short film screenplay)(co-written) (supervised)
  • Reap As You Sow (short film screenplay) (supervised)
  • Cameroonian Warriors (comic book script)
  • One Eagle’s Journey to Glory (full length feature) (supervised)
  • Super Kid (comic book script) (supervised)
  • Murder in the Cathedral (full length screenplay)
  • The Portal (full length screenplay)
  • Everywhere That Tommy Goes (book to screenplay) (supervised)
  • The True Story of Jesus (book to screenplay) (supervised)
  • Khan Story (Underworld TV series for Pakistan TV) (supervised)
  • The Order of Gepetto (supervised)
  • Imran in Pursuit of Imran (full length feature)
  • The F World (full length screenplay rewriting/improvement)
  • Marsimik La (Full length Bollywood biopic)
  • Land of Mercy (full length screenplay) (supervised)
  • Perils of Fatherhood (biopic screenplay) (British movie)
  • The Secret Love of An Arabian Prince (Middle East movie)
  • Kissing Chickens (American movie)
  • Working title: Syrian Refugee Movie
  • Jeevan Saathi (treatment for a Bollywood movie)
  • Debt (Indian feature film)
  • Alabama (short film screenplay)
  • Dark Revolution (American film screenplay rewriting /
  • improvement)
  • Billy bear and Friends (animation screenplay)
  • Mimadamos (Lebanon movie screenplay)
  • No Free Left (short film script)
  • Will to Love (book to screenplay adaptation)
  • Nashtaneer (Bollywood feature film from a Rabindranath Tagore story)
  • The Legend of Santa Clause (American film screenplay)
  • 400 meters to Olympic Glory (motivational sport movie screenplay)
  • A Salesman (book to screenplay adaptation of THE GREATEST SALESMAN OF THE WORKD by Og Mandino)
  • Amies Light (screenplay improvement)
  • Murderous Wife (screenplay improvement / rewriting)
  • Mimo (Feature film screenplay) (supervised)
  • Nie Means Nie (Polish / Poland feature film screenplay)
  • Waiting For Chester (book to screenplay adaptation) (supervised)
  • Holy Devil (screenplay rewriting & improvement)
  • Al Di La (book to screenplay) (supervised)
  • A Little Child Can lead Them (full length screenplay)(supervised)
  • Angela (Japanese comicbook script)
  • Adventure Angler (comicbook script)
  • Mind Magic (full length American movie)
  • Make a Move (full length American movie)
  • Sperm (short animated movie, comedy)
  • The Rajkumari, Prostitute, Princess (full length British movie)
  • Rwanda 1994 (Full length major American war movie)
  • Ajooba (104 episode animated series for Cartoon Network)
  • The Doll (full length American horror movie)
  • First and Second Installments (novel to screenplay adaptation)
  • Rainstorm (novel to screenplay adaptation)
  • The Greatest Mistake (full length feature)
  • Rok Nation – the Neo Thols (animated feature film)
  • Code Comission (Hollywood feature)

Pinaki is the founder of Power Media and Entertainment Group that operates several important websites including the world’s leading writing service, leading comicbook art service, and; leading self publishing company. Pinaki’s team of writers and artists are highly acclaimed worldwide.

Pinaki is a trusted name when it comes to writing screenplays; from thrillers to horror; from romance to comedy. Being an Indian screenplay writer he has written for both American as well as Indian filmmakers and can adapt to both the styles, or amalgamate the two styles. Pinaki has excelled in Hindi script writing and Bengali script writing, who can create suspense and jaw dropping wonder that viewers have never seen on screen before.

The best part is that even with a huge experience, he is extremely affordable.

Pinaki Ghosh has authored 12 books, including bestsellers, besides writing (and ghostwriting) a large number of ebooks. Pinaki wrote his first bestseller in 1991 at the age of 17. Pinaki has worked as a ghostwriter and biographer for several high profile celebrities worldwide.

Besides celebrities, Pinaki has worked with some of the best media brands like BBC (Desi DNA, Calcutta Uncovered, 2007), National Geographic Channel (Is It Real? Superhuman Powers, 2005), Channel 4 (Gurubusters, 1995) and ABP Ltd (Sananda, Unish Kuri) to name just a few.

Pinaki writes a select number of screenplays and books every year, and most of them turn out to be businesswise successful. Book him today, Before his schedule gets full.

Fee structure

Screenplay writing: $40 per page | Rs. 1,800 per page.

Full length feature films:

$2,500 (Rs. 150,000) for full length 2 hours feature films; original or adapted. Payable in 3 installments at various stages of progress.

$3,500 (Rs 200,000) for full length 2:30 hours and lengthier feature films.

Animation films:

$25 (Rs.1,200) per minute of the film.

Television screenplays:

$800 (Rs. 30,000) for each episode.

Short films:

$25 (Rs.1,200) per minute of the film.

Other screenplay related services

Treatment (movie story) writing:

$500 (Rs. 30,000) for writing 15 – 20 page treatments ( movie story)

Screenplay editing and enhancement:

$20 per page for partial rewriting and total enhancement.

Screenplay coverage

$200 (Rs. 12,000) for screenplay coverage, suggestions and complete feedback for improvement.