Short film screenplay

Are you a short film maker? Hundreds of thousands of short films are made and released on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc. Even though made with a lot of passion, most short films get lost in the river of hundreds of short films. Why do some short films get noticed and get millions of views, while others do not? Because of the content. They are well written; making the viewing a memorable experience. Short film makers need superior and professional quality of short film scripts, written by a professional short film screenplay writer.

As a passionate short film maker, you must invest in writing a movie script, to make a quality product. The investment is not much, to get your own high quality short film screenplay; the handwork of a top short film screenplay writer; and the investment is worth every penny of it.

Fee: $50 / INR 1500 / GBP 40 / Euro 45 per minute of the short film.

So a 10 minutes short film screenplay would cost, for example, $50 X 10 minutes = $500.