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By Nick Blake As a writer I love working with people. I get exposure to all kinds of interesting people and ideas that feed my creativity. And for the most part people enjoy my creative input. After working with a client there is nothing more satisfying than hearing a simple, “Great job, I loved the […]


By Nick Blake We had an expression when I was working in marketing: feast or starve. On any given day we didn’t know if our plates would be full (feast) or empty (starve). Pretty self-explanatory. I was reminded of this expression yesterday. I woke up in a foul mood. I had a few client meetings […]

By Nick Blake I knew I wanted to get involved with the Indian film industry while honeymooning in Kerala’s backwaters. After a quiet day traveling on a luxurious houseboat, my wife and I settled into the main cabin to enjoy the movie “Hallo” with the bottle of toddy we had picked up along the canals. […]

Nick is back from Maine. From the recent inquiries we discovered that a lot of student filmmakers looking for screenwriters are coming to us. So we decided to set up a team of writers exclusively for the student filmmakers, who are tight on budget. We may soon have a couple of really big names joining […]