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Agreement Over Writing A Screenplay For A Film By this memorandum of understanding, signed this DATE; both the parties described herein under as, represented by CLIENT’S NAME of CLIENT’S ADDRESS, phone number CLIENT’S PHONE NUMBER, also described as the ‘client’; and SCREENPLAY WRITER’S NAME, SCREENWRITER’S ADDRESS, phone number SCREENWRITER’S PHONE NUMBER, also described as ‘screenplay […]

By Pinaki Ghosh Good news is that we have been writing a number of animation films this month and a few more are in the pipeline. Somehow the word got around that we have specialist animation screenwriters. But how different is animation screenwriting from usual screenwriting for live action movies? Let’s check out. 1. First, […]


By Nick Blake As a writer I love working with people. I get exposure to all kinds of interesting people and ideas that feed my creativity. And for the most part people enjoy my creative input. After working with a client there is nothing more satisfying than hearing a simple, “Great job, I loved the […]

Last Saturday I watched Mamma Mia on HBO. While it was like a little vacation for the mind, it set me thinking, are Hollywood and Bollywood films influencing each other? In otgher words, are Hollywood movies becoming more Bollywoodish, and Bollywood movies more Hollywoodish? Are our films set to prove ‘the world is flat’? Several […]

Writing a movie script – 10 things you should do to get your screenplay rejected Writing a movie script? Want to know the 10 secrets to get your screenplay rejected for sure? Read on. 1. Offer camera directions in your screenplay Don’t trust the intelligence of the director or cinematographer and offer camera directions in […]


By Nick Blake We had an expression when I was working in marketing: feast or starve. On any given day we didn’t know if our plates would be full (feast) or empty (starve). Pretty self-explanatory. I was reminded of this expression yesterday. I woke up in a foul mood. I had a few client meetings […]

By  Nick Blake My wife Laura has an expression for my various creative concepts. “I don’t know about you,” she’ll say whenever I run an idea by her. “When you try something out you either miss badly or you hit it out of the park.” As a result she’s a reliable sounding-board. She doesn’t get […]

By Nick Blake I knew I wanted to get involved with the Indian film industry while honeymooning in Kerala’s backwaters. After a quiet day traveling on a luxurious houseboat, my wife and I settled into the main cabin to enjoy the movie “Hallo” with the bottle of toddy we had picked up along the canals. […]