Spec screenplay sales

By Pinaki Ghosh

A new week. A new announcement.

We at www.TheScreenplayWriters.com are now offering our clients the option to buy spec screenplays, or ready made screenplays. Often, purchasing a spec screenplay is a great option for filmmakers and producers who are tight on time and cannot spare two or three months to get a screenplay written from scratch. Secondly, we have a great array of spec screenplays of various genres, from talented screenwriters across the world. As such filmmakers and producers looking for something fresh, are likely to come across excellent new storylines if they check out our brand new section on spec screenplays. Click here to visit.

From the point of view of new, budding and established screenwriters; this is an excellent opportunity to showcase your talent and work. Our site is visited by hundreds of renowned filmmakers all over the world. You can sell your spec screenplay through us now. Send your loglines and treatments to info@thescreenplaywriters.com to begin. If we like your story idea, we shall ask for your screenplay. Please make sure your screenplay is copyright registered, or registered with an established writers’ association like the WGA. Visit our Career page for details.

Check out our new spec screenplay sales here.