is creating ripples already

pinaki-ghoshBy Pinaki Ghosh, which was my US writer friend Nick Blake’s and my brainchild, completed little more than 20 days since launch on 31 August and has bagged a number of new projects already.  Of course the people associated with the new service are not new; I feel glad to say, each of our team members have backgrounds of huge experience. is unique and one of its type because it is the only screenplay writers’ agency to employ both Hollywood and Bollywood screenwriters.

The first project that was confirmed was director Raj Rahi’s  (Jo Bole So Nihal) new English movie Angel Jay. The name of the movie may change though. The second project to roll in was from Dubai, and was about the Iraq war. The subject was challenging, and I was already wreaking my brains with Raj Rahi’s project, so my US writer friend Nick Blake volunteered to take up the Iraq movie project. When the Iraq movie project came up, Nick was on a vacation in Maine with his wife Laura and we had massive communication problems, with the mobile phone signal fading out more often than not, from Nick’s side. Nick had to come to the town library in Maine to check my mails and reply them. I hope I did not ruin Nick’s perfectly planned holiday.

The next to come our way was a Bengali movie project, which has not been finalized yet. It was piece of cake for me, because I am a Bengali by birth. Did I forget to mention that there was a Kannada movie screenplay enquiry on the second week? Though I was not too keen to take up the project simply because I don’t know the language (but would love to), Nick however was very eager to take up the project and spent one day searching for a reliable Kannada film writer.

There were a couple of very positive enquiries from Gurgaon and Bangalore. Both from first time filmmakers, whose passion is genuine. Hopefully the Bangalore project will materialize this month and the Gurgaon screenplay project will take longer.

Good news is that a lot of good film writers are approaching us and we have found some really talented writers in the process. One writer I would like to mention is Shivani T, who wrote the story ‘Sex on the Beach’, one of the ten short stories of the critically acclaimed film ‘Dus Kahaniya.’