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Happy Halloween friends! This is one day of the year that reminds me of the hundreds of horror movies I have watched throughout my life. Most of them did not touch me; but some definitely did. I quite clearly remember the first two horror movies I watched as a child. The first was William Friedkin‚Äôs […]

By Pinaki Ghosh A new week. A new announcement. We at www.TheScreenplayWriters.com are now offering our clients the option to buy spec screenplays, or ready made screenplays. Often, purchasing a spec screenplay is a great option for filmmakers and producers who are tight on time and cannot spare two or three months to get a […]

The Emerging Hindi screenplay writer: Bollywood Hindi screenplays made in America Oops! No blog posts since 27 Sept is an unpardonable sign that we neglected our blog. On the other hand it also speaks about how busy we were during this period. An average of two new projects seem to land up every week and […]