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Category Archives: Treatment writing

What is a treatment and how to write a treatment What is a treatment? There is controversy about the length of a treatment. Some treatment writers say it should be up to 60 pages, but the job of a treatment writer is to communicate your story to the producer as quickly as possible, so brevity […]

Pinaki Ghosh www.pinakighosh.com Click here to read printable PDF version of this story “Can you get me the August 15 edition of Elite?” the man asks. “Which year?” the stall owner asks instinctively. He owns an old bookshop where one can find old books and magazines, one of the many in this pavement of College […]

A thriller / horror treatment / story by Pinaki Ghosh A comfortable to read, PDF version of this story is available for free download – click here Marcos returned an unfriendly stare at the housekeeping guy, “You waiting for something?” The housekeeping guy raised his head, stole a glance at Marcos and replied, “No sir.” […]

  By Pinaki Ghosh Illustration by: Amitava Chandra, courtesy, Unish Kuri. An easy-to-read downloadable PDF version of this story can be downloaded by clicking this link. Jimmy’s version (11.05 AM) “The Metro station?” the girl looked questioningly. I looked at her. “This way,” I answered, pointing my thumb towards the Metro rail station. I have […]

PLEASE ADD TO THIS LIST IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. IF YOU LIKE THIS, WE’LL COME UP WITH A SIMILAR LIST ABOUT BOLLYWOOD MOVIES SOON. During all police investigations, it will be necessary to visit a strip club at least once. All beds have special L-shaped sheets which reach up to the armpit level on a […]

The Emerging Hindi screenplay writer: Bollywood Hindi screenplays made in America Oops! No blog posts since 27 Sept is an unpardonable sign that we neglected our blog. On the other hand it also speaks about how busy we were during this period. An average of two new projects seem to land up every week and […]

Agreement Over Writing A Screenplay For A Film By this memorandum of understanding, signed this DATE; both the parties described herein under as, represented by CLIENT’S NAME of CLIENT’S ADDRESS, phone number CLIENT’S PHONE NUMBER, also described as the ‘client’; and SCREENPLAY WRITER’S NAME, SCREENWRITER’S ADDRESS, phone number SCREENWRITER’S PHONE NUMBER, also described as ‘screenplay […]

By Pinaki Ghosh Good news is that we have been writing a number of animation films this month and a few more are in the pipeline. Somehow the word got around that we have specialist animation screenwriters. But how different is animation screenwriting from usual screenwriting for live action movies? Let’s check out. 1. First, […]

Last Saturday I watched Mamma Mia on HBO. While it was like a little vacation for the mind, it set me thinking, are Hollywood and Bollywood films influencing each other? In otgher words, are Hollywood movies becoming more Bollywoodish, and Bollywood movies more Hollywoodish? Are our films set to prove ‘the world is flat’? Several […]

Writing a movie script – 10 things you should do to get your screenplay rejected Writing a movie script? Want to know the 10 secrets to get your screenplay rejected for sure? Read on. 1. Offer camera directions in your screenplay Don’t trust the intelligence of the director or cinematographer and offer camera directions in […]

From our Google Analytics data I discovered that a lot of keywords leading visitors to our site www.TheScreenplayWriters.com were related to screenplay writer rate and other keywords close to that. It suggests that a lot of people are looking for more information about how much screenplay writers charge to write a screenplay. Since screenplay writers […]

Nick is back from Maine. From the recent inquiries we discovered that a lot of student filmmakers looking for screenwriters are coming to us. So we decided to set up a team of writers exclusively for the student filmmakers, who are tight on budget. We may soon have a couple of really big names joining […]

By Pinaki Ghosh TheScreenplayWriters.com, which was my US writer friend Nick Blake’s and my brainchild, completed little more than 20 days since launch on 31 August and has bagged a number of new projects already.  Of course the people associated with the new service are not new; I feel glad to say, each of our […]