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Do you think you are a promising screenplay writer? Does your imagination run wild? Do you see figures of two gigantic animals fighting when you look at the clouds? Do you see hot magma rolling when you pour tomato ketchup? You think your screenplay can mesmerize viewers across hundreds of theaters? Do you see yourself walking on the red carpet one day? If you are a producer, looking for a screenwriter, click here If you are highly excited for a rewarding script writing career, submit your work. Therefore, take the first step to get assignments for filmmakers looking for a screenwriter.

If the answer to most of the above is ‘yes’, then mail us your CV/resume/profile, along with original samples of your writing to We know how to appreciate real talents, so if you are a gem, we are looking for you.

At we offer you the chance to work with some of the top players in the game and get paid for your efforts!

Send us your spec screenplays – get noticed by filmmakers looking for a screenwriter

Mail us the loglines of your spec screenplays (ready made screenplays), and your actual screenplays, if you have already registered your screenplay with WGA or registered the copyright. We shall help you sell your screenplay to a studio or filmmaker effortlessly, provided it has the necessary quality and uniqueness. Mail us at