Audiobook production

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Wondering how to make an audiobook for an economical audiobook production cost? Looking for a professional audiobook publisher to handle your audiobook recording? Then you need to search no further.  We are part of Power Publishers & Motion Pictures, and have recorded over 500 audiobooks in the last 5 years. We have multiple state of the art recording studios, with the most qualified sound engineers. They are qualified to handle your audiobook production with precision and high quality.

Choice of artists

You get a choice of over 20 voice-over artist voices to choose from, for your audiobook production. That includes male and female artist options. Select from some of the options given below this write-up.

If you are an author, or publisher, or educator, who needs books to be adapted to audiobooks, ask us. We are not only the best audiobook creator that take personal care of your project, we also offer the lowest audiobook production cost.

We can give you the audio output with or without effects like reverb, background score, foley, etc.

Why audiobooks are so important today

Audiobooks started as a learning tool for the visually impaired but became popular as we became digital and our world centered around our smartphone. If you must make someone read your book, it must be inside the phone. Audiobooks are the best option to put your book inside the readers’ phones.

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Plain voice: US$ 100 / Euro 90 / GBP 80 / INR 7000 per hour of recorded output.

Voice Samples

1st Voice – Female

2nd Voice – English Female

3rd Voice – English Female

4th Voice – English Female

5th Voice – English Female

6th Voice – English Male

7th Voice – English Male

8th Voice- English Male

9th Voice – English Male

10th Voice- Hindi Female

11th Voice – Hindi Female

12th Voice – Hindi Female

13th Voice – Hindi Female

14th Voice – Hindi Female

15th Voice – Hindi Male

16th Voice- Hindi Male

17th Voice – Bengali Female