Post Production Company

Looking for a post production company to handle your video editing work? has a range of services for the post production of short films, commercials, music videos and independent filmmaker films. Therefore, the aim is to provide post production services, short film editing service, video color correction services, short film music composer, original music composer and much more at extremely affordable prices. We know that short films and indie films are made out of very limited budget. Our aim was thus, to set up a post production studio which is within the reach of everyone, fitting everyone’s pockets, without compromising with quality. Therefore, here are a range of very specific services that the post production company offers along with the costs. All you need to do is send us the raw videos for post production studio work and receive the complete film, trailer, and promotion material like poster design.

Basic post production package: Cost $120 per minute of film (minimum payable is for 3 minutes, even if film length is less than 3 mins)

  • Color grading / color correction
  • Video editing
  • Sound editing / dubbing (sounds & dialogues collected/recorded during shooting have to be provided).
  • Foley sound addition (eg. sound of footsteps, cars moving, door opening, closing, clap, rain, wind, etc.)
  • Add appropriate copyright-free music in film
  • Add titles (start & end credits)

Optional 1: subtitles: $10 per minute of film

  • Subtitles throughout film

Optional 2: Original music: $50 per minute of film (minimum payable is for 3 minutes, even if film length is less than 3 mins)

  • Original music score (cost may increase if more musical instruments are added by client;s suggestion)

Optional 3: Promotional package 1: Cost of total package: $300 for short films; $400 for feature films

  • Video Trailer making
  • Facebook teaser poster
  • A3 poster design for print
  • Social media / Facebook campaign for 1 month from 2 weeks before to 2 weeks after film release

Optional 4: Promotional package 2: Cost of total package: $300

  • Attractive mobile phone friendly website for film with photos, information, cast and crew list and videos; including domain name purchase & web hosting for 1 year.

Sample of post production work by us

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