Book to Screenplay

Book to Screenplay

Book to screenplay

Are you the author of a book? Or, copyright holder of a book? Looking for book to screenplay adaptation for a film? Let us handle that.

The first step for book to film adaptations is book to screenplay conversion of your novel. After that, you can send the screenplay to production companies either through an agent, or directly. Above all, if your book has uniqueness, your screenplay is likely to get approved. After that it is a dream journey. For instance, your film will be screened in theaters all across the nation. Your work will be watched and appreciated by thousands or millions of viewers. Many authors have been through this journey, because, we have done book to script conversion for many authors.

Therefore, take the first step. Order our service of adapting a book to a screenplay.

Screenwriter’s Fee

  • Standard screenplay adapted from your book: $2,000
  • Supreme screenplay from your book by a very experienced senior screenwriter: above $4,000

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Who are the writers available to handle your project?


Popular screenplay writer of 100+ animated and non-animated feature  films & TV series

Pinaki is a published author of 12 books, popular screenplay writer of 100+ feature films and television series; animated and non-animated. Pinaki is the co-founder of The Screenplay Writers and the founder of many leading international media companies. Above all, he has worked with popular media brands like BBC & Nat Geo.

Rate range: $2,000 – $4,000.(Click here to read more)

Anupriya Dutta

Screenwriter of several produced films

Anupriya Dutta has worked as the Chief Editor with a publishing company Power Publishers & Motion Pictures from 2016 to 2021. She started writing films from 2018 and took it up as her primary profession from 2021. Anupriya has written films like Shohorer Ushnotomo Dine (2023) and Dekho But Pyaar Se (2023), Proud to be a Woman (2024). She has also worked as an Assistant Director with Roadshow Films and Power Publishers & Motion Pictures.

Rate range: $2,000 (Click here to read more)

Budhaditya B

College professor & screenwriter

Budhaditya B is an experienced screenplay writer specializing in book to screenplay, thrillers, mystery, suspense, horror and other genres. He has completed over 25 films and television shows for Power Publishers & since 2017. Budhaditya is also a professor of journalism and media studies working with a college in Kolkata. (Click here to read more)

Judhajit S

Popular actor and screenwriter

Judhajit S is a Bollywood script writers of over 20 films and television shows, working with and the parent company Power Publishers, since 2018. Judhajit is also an established actor, known for his performances in Homestay Murders, Charitrageen, Byadh, Sob Choritro, Indu, Damayanti, etc.

Rate range: $2,000. (Click here to read more)