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Do you need a script editor?

The easiest way to find out if you are a good writer is to find a professional script editor. In other words, professional help would make you reach industry standards. As a screenwriter, you want to work with the best screenplay editor you can afford. However, professional screenplay editing services are not cheap. The success of the story depends on how well you write the story and present to the audience. Our screenplay editors are professionals who know how to polish your writings. After that, there are two levels of editing. Partial rewriting and proofreading.

Level 1: Proofreading

Our screenplay editors will meticulously proofread remove all language errors in grammar, spellings and punctuation. We would make sure that the changes are satisfactory. Above all, we would revise the document according to your requirement. Our qualified editors understand your unique voice, writing style and genre.

Level 2:  Partial rewriting

In this service, your screenplay is not only proofread, but partly rewritten for general improvement. We can trim it down and remove every word and phrase which is not appropriate for the story. We improve your descriptions, language and dialogues, add emotions. Our editors provide script improvisation by reducing the irrelevant portions that are not fit for the script by making it approachable to the producers and agents. You will receive detailed elements such as character and script development, plot structure and pacing and tone.

A script editor would remove scenes that do not help your story

A good script is the key to a good film. Every character has to perform a role that lends support to the story. Every scene should have a purpose. Our editors would analyse the script and eliminate portions that does not serve any purpose to the story. Above all, our script editors would offer clarity and objectivity that is hard for the audiences to find in their own work. These experienced professionals know exactly what the industry expects from the script.

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We charge  $10 per page / Rs 450 per page / GBP 6.6 per page / Euro 7.40 per page.

Partial Rewriting

 Rewriting of existing screenplay + editing + general improvement/enhancement: $20 per page / Rs 900 per page / GBP 13.20 / Euro 14.80 per page