Web series screenplay

Are you planning to make a web series? To begin with, hundreds of web series are being planned, pitched, and made today. However, not all web series are liked or appreciated by viewers. The reason of success or failure of a web series, lies in the web series script. Web series script writing is something that is exhaustive, and requires significant skill. Web series screenplay is not all about story telling. In addition to storytelling, it demands developing all the characters. Also, expanding the story for 9 – 10 hours run-time, and adding twists at the end of every episode. 

We have in our team of writers, some of the best American and Indian web series script writers. For the last 12 years we have been writing screenplays (know more here).  As a result, with 140+ screenplays completed, we are the most preferred service 

Why do some web series get noticed and get millions of views, while others do not? Because of the content. They are well written; making the viewing a memorable experience. Web series makers need superior and professional quality web series screenplay, written by a professional writer.

As a passionate short film maker, you must invest in a well written web series script, to make a quality product. That is something we can deliver you, within your time-frame.

Take a look at the profile of one of our top web series writers, and founder, Pinaki Ghosh. 


For 30 minute episodes: $600 / INR 36,000 / GBP 470 / Euro 530 per episode of the web series.

45 minute episodes: $900 / INR 54,000 / GBP 710 / Euro 800 per episode of the web series.

60 minute episodes: $1200 / INR 72,000 / GBP 940 / Euro 1,060 per episode of the web series.