Logline: A young man turns back death and obtains an otherworldly power but it comes with a difficult choice.


A DARK DAY is a Sci-fi Action journey of Travis Nites’s internal struggle when faced with a choice between keeping or giving up his power to save the world. Travis Nite is a young man trying to help his parents through a difficult time but has also lost focus on what he wants for himself. After a near fatal incident where Travis is shot and seemingly dies, he unlocks a mysterious otherworldly power within himself. Travis Nite is immediately confronted by a strange man who gives him a dire message that if he does not give up his power in three days a galactic army, led by a dark warrior Zenron, will invade and destroy the world. Travis will have to decide to either trust what he hears or to trust himself.

During this three day journey Travis is going to have to sort out what’s important in his life. He’s going to have to choose what and who does he really want. It is a common occurrence where people fall into something that they really don’t want but do it anyway and are emotional attached to someone or a situation when they should just move on. It’s a balancing act. Do for you but not at the expense of others but what if what you want comes at the expense of others. It’s a viscous cycle that people face daily and so will Travis Nite.

Does he listen to the warning that a dark day will come if he doesn’t relinquish his power in three days and give it up? Does he just ignore the warning and use this power to help out his family? Does he let the world know about his power? Travis will find out that what ever he chooses to do there will be dire consequences but when it comes down to it Travis Nite along with people understand this cycle. They understand sacrifice, responsibility and consequences but the biggest problem and question is how does a person deal with it. A DARK DAY is a true test of ones character where a man must confront himself and choose between right and wrong, revenge or justice, light and darkness and even to love or not. Man needs balance.