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Author of a book? Copyright holder of a book? Want to convert it to a screenplay? Let us handle that.

The first step to convert your book/novel to a feature film is to get it converted to a screenplay, so that you can send the screenplay to production companies, and filmmakers either through an agent, or directly. If your book has the wow factor, and the uniqueness, your screenplay is likely to get the nod even before the end of the year. After that it is a dream journey... your film will be screened in theaters all across the nation. Your work will be watched and appreciated by thousands or millions of viewers. Sounds like too good to be true? Many authors have been through this. We have done it for many authors.

Take the first step. Order a screenplay from your book.

Your investment / Screenwriter's Fee

  • Standard screenplay adapted from your book: $2,500

  • Supreme screenplay from your book by a very experienced senior screenwriter: above $30,000

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Who are the writers available to handle your project?


Popular screenplay writer of 20+ animated and non-animated feature films & TV series

Published author of 12 books, popular screenplay writer of 50+ feature films and television series; animated and non-animated, Pinaki is the co-founder of The Screenplay Writers and the founder of many leading international media companies. He has worked with popular media brands like BBC & Nat Geo. Rate range: $2,500 - $3,000. (Click here to read more)



Screenplay writer of ‘Die Hard’ & ‘Predator’ director’s next $40 million movie

Huge experience of over 50 successfully completed projects, like the $40 million, forthcoming movie of Die Hard and Predator director John McTiernan. Best Screenplay at Telluride Indiefest. Published author of several books. Rate range: above $30,000. (Click here to read more)


American sitcom writer & producer

Nick is a writer living in Brooklyn, New York who traveled 10,000 miles to India for writing his next book. After five years in marketing and three years in publishing he started a private marketing consultancy and co-founded The Screenplay Writers. He is currently writing and producing an American sitcom slated for release in winter 2009. Rate range: above $30,000 (Click here to read more)


York University trained screenplay writer of over 20 successful projects

Marques is a York University trained, dedicated theatre and screen writer as well as actor, since 1991. Based in Toronto, Marques’s experience of writing ranges from romantic comedy to gen-x comedy; treatments to poetry; short fiction to music videos. Rate range: $4,000 - $6,000. (Click here to read more)


Writer/co-writer of several Bollywood mega budget superhits, and over 2,000 popular television episodes

Rajan has huge experience as a screenwriter in Bollywood. He has written over 2,000 episodes for popular soaps and sitcoms and has been the screenplay writer and co-writer of mega budget superhit movies like "Phir Hera Pheri", "Mujhse Shaadi Karogi", "No Entry", and "Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha" Rate range: above $ 9,000. (Click here to read more)