Working Title: 25 Minutes

Logline: Set in the year 2014, the series of horrific incidents of 25 minutes are shown from the viewpoint of 5 different persons who are not related to each other but are present in the same place at the same time: a snack bar counter owner, whose tiny shop overlooks the Prime Minister’s office, a bio-genetic scientist, whose genetic research with human beings has raised eyebrows and resulted in the Prime Minister summoning him to his office to stop research, a sting operation journalist who wants to bring the deadly genetic research to limelight, the security head of the Prime Minister, and a mystery 5th person, who is an attractive lady. Hell breaks loose as the Prime Minister is shot at, with deep mystery surrounding the incident, the method used and the person behind it; the Prime Minister’s office being virtually the most secured place on earth… bringing to limelight the mystery 5th person’s identity, who is the world’s first ‘superfast human’; who moves 100 times the speed of a normal human… a result of the genetic experiment gone out of control. An unique low budget science fiction thriller.