Worthy to Listen

Aaliyah Hunter arrives at a firm as a new hire specializing in domestic violence. Her new peers are misogynistic, with the exception of one named Reno Chavez, who has an obvious romantic interest in her. Almost immediately after her arrival at the firm, Aaliyah begins to receive threatening letters and packages. Because the firm is overall unwelcoming, she suspects a colleague who is a competitor for the President’s position in American Association of Psychology. She and Reno Chavez begin a hesitant courtship as she is wary of men. Aaliyah inherited some money from her mother along with a letter confessing that she believed Aaliyah’s story about being sexually abused as a child by her step dad. Things continue to be difficult for Aaliyah as a former client dies of a violent attack from an ex-boyfriend. Then, Aaliyah discovers that someone broke into her home and took her computer, documents, personal items, and campaign materials. With the deadline for the campaign looming, she decides to target the female population in the A.A.O.P and talk about domestic violence awareness and the issue of sexism in their profession.